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Hi: It's Merniebug here. Well actually it's Melanie but I answer to a variety of sobriquets. My mother had been reading Gone With The Wind at the time of my birth, thus, I was named Melanie. My friends call me Mel, It was my sister who coined the moniker Mernie when she was too young to pronounce Melanie correctly. It was eventually shortened to Mern. And then later when my nephew came along he called me Melwee because he couldn't pronounce Melanie either. Now my husband of thirty-four years is so confused he just calls me whatever comes to mind first. Actually I was Sweetheart until the day he realized the honeymoon was over. It was my cousin who added the bug to Mernie which is who I've always been to him and who I am on Splitcoast Stampers. So now that we've gotten past the odd name business, who else am I? I'm a child of the King, a wife and a mother to one grown son and five tailwaggin' fur babies. I am a retired interior designer, a rubber stamper, and a wanna be author who is just completing a first novel. I got into scrapping and rubber stamping to fill a creative void after retiring--it's less expensive than redecorating the house every year. LOL

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


My friend and teammate from Meljen's Designs, Cheryl Gorka has practically issued a dare.  You can find Cheryl's amazing Blog here.  So here's the story.  We are to make a list of seven outrageous and/or secret things about ourselves.  This list can be done in a number of ways.  You can tell:

A  Seven Truths
B  Seven Lies
C   Six Truths and One Lie
D  Six Lies and One Truth

1.  My roots and my hair match.
2.  I once drove drunk down the sidewalk in front of the police station.
3.  I once painted a mural of a brothel on the ceiling of my bathroom.
4.  I once kicked a Frenchman in the shin for crowding in line at the Louve.
5.  I once had a breast reduction.
6.  My beverage of choice is water.
7.  My neighbors have picked out my burial plot.

Truth or Fabrication?   YOU DECIDE
Then we are to pass this (Honor) on to Seven deserving  recipients.

I have one lie on my list.  Which is it?  email me for the answer.  melrisk@cox.net


Cheryl said...

Ha ha - my blond is showing!

I must have been blind because I swear I looked before and did not see this. It has been one of those days. :)

I am sticking with my guess that the drunk driving incident is the lie!

Mothermark said...

Tee hee! Thank you Mel! Here it is.....I agree with Cheryl...the drunk driving!!!

Thanks so much...and sorry I was a B I R D B R A I N !!!!


And by the way, your cards and your blog is an amazing thing! Wow, I love what you do!!!